Making a Will

Avoid legal wrangles and confusion over who will benefit from your estate

A valid Will is an incredibly important part of estate preservation planning and will ensure that, should the worst happen, your assets, whether they be financial wealth or possessions, are distributed in an orderly fashion to the right beneficiaries.

Inheritance Tax Residence Nil-Rate Band

Owning a residence which you leave to direct descendants

The introduction of the ‘residence nil-rate band’ (RNRB) has made it easier for some individuals to pass on the family home. The rise in property prices throughout the UK means that even those with modest assets may exceed the £325,000 ‘nil-rate band’ (NRB) for Inheritance Tax.

Getting your affairs in order

Where do you want your wealth to go?

Getting your affairs in order for when you pass away can bring real peace of mind as you get older. Failing to protect family wealth from Inheritance Tax could cost families thousands of pounds but there are various strategies and solutions to legally avoid or mitigate paying this tax.

Future generations

Passing on money securely, and efficiently, to those you love and the causes you cherish

Preserving wealth for future generations is an important part of a comprehensive financial plan. Planning is one key element in achieving this goal. Passing on wealth you have worked hard to build is often complicated. But with careful planning, we can help you pass on money securely, and efficiently, to those you love and the causes you cherish.