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mentors for your money and your life

mentors for your money and your life

Financial freedom starts
with a cunning plan

Your Security

Achieving financial freedom doesn’t have to be a dream. A financial plan for each stage of your life gives you flexibility and choice, helping you build a strong foundation for a secure happy future, free from financial worry.

The process starts with us sitting down with you and having a frank discussion about you, your finances and your future goals.

This allows us to:

  • Understand what financial security means to you
  • Learn about your current financial situation, goals and dreams
  • Identify factors that could stop you from achieving those goals
  • Review your existing financial arrangements
  • Highlight areas that could be improved

We then devise a detailed plan that lets you achieve your dreams and goals, ensuring the right insurance measures are in place to protect both you and your assets along the way. We’ll regularly review your progress, making recommendations where necessary to make sure you always benefit from the latest wealth-generating products and services.

Don’t live with an uncertain future. Call 1st Financial Foundations today on 01908 523 420 or email info@1stff.co.uk to book your FREE consultation.

Financial planning

Financial planning allows you to take control of your money and make it work for you, rather than you always working for it! The key to effective planning is to ask yourself where you want to be in 5 years, 10 years and 20 years time. You can then decide what goals you need to achieve to get there.

For example, you may need to:

  • Pay off credit cards and loans
  • Plan a workable budget
  • Build an emergency fund
  • Save for a deposit on your first home
  • Pay for your children’s education
  • Start your own business
  • Invest a lump sum
  • Save for retirement
  • Save for long-term care

A flexible financial plan will allow you to start small and build up different types of savings and investments over a number of years so you can use them effectively whenever the need arises. To achieve this kind of healthy financial balance takes time and an intimate knowledge of the whole market. Come and speak to us, and we’ll use our own practical experience and in-depth financial knowledge to help you develop a wealth creation plan that will support you and your family comfortably for the rest of your lives.


As much as we like to think we’re invincible, we must all be prepared for unexpected financial shocks. It’s especially important in the early stages of your wealth creation plan when you may have small children and little disposable income.

The right insurance products will protect your income and assets and provide for your dependents if you’re too ill to work, made redundant or die. There are a large number of different types of insurance available, each with numerous variations in their cover and limitations, so come and talk to us and we’ll find the right products to protect your wealth and provide for your family.


From an early age most of us are encouraged to save. Do you remember your first piggy bank or opening a savings account at your local bank or Post Office as a child? Whether we are putting our money in a piggy bank, or into a multinational investment company, our aims are broadly the same; to provide for our future needs, and to protect ourselves against unexpected causes of expenditure.

The first step in achieving everyday and longer-term financial goals is starting to save. No matter where you are in life or what your dreams may be, we can help you make progress on achieving the things (whether big or small) that make life better.

1st Financial Foundations provide solutions for the diverse needs of our clients, enabling each individual to structure their finances as efficiently as possible. Wealth creation and management is an ongoing process, and we recommend that you review your financial circumstances on a regular basis to ensure the best chance of your objectives being met.

Don’t live with an uncertain future. Call 1st Financial Foundations today on 01908 523 420 or email info@1stff.co.uk to book your FREE consultation.

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